Most containment breaches and vessel failures can be prevented if caught in time. Routinely inspecting your tanks and pipes is crucial to identify any potential problems before they unexpectedly turn into an expensive and untimely failure. In addition, the West Coast has some of the strictest environmental regulations in the country. Use a company with experience in testing and recertification and knowledge of those environmental regulations.

We have the experience and knowledge to utilize many different tests to help ensure the integrity of your system per your needs:

  • Acetone sensitivity testing
  • Analyze depth of stress cracks
  • Barcol hardness testing
  • Floor stress cracking
  • Pull-off adhesion testing
  • Testing for moisture per ASTM
  • Ultrasonic thickness testing
  • UV degradation
  • Visual observation of liner

We provide reports and documentation customized to your company’s requirements. Let Fiberglass Unlimited Inc. be your source for all of your tank testing and recertification needs.